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Cytology Brushes

Cytology Brushes

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The BrushMasterV's outstanding fluoroscopic visibility together with its distal-wireguided design allows excellent stricture passage and precisely targeted brushing. A locking cap on the handle provides flexibility to have the physician or assistant control the brushing.

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Distal wireguided design

The tip of the catheter advances along the guidewire for smoother approach of the target area and more accurate placement within the stricture.

Dual radiopague markers

Radiopague markers at both ends of the brush facilitate the confirmation of the brush's location and ensure superior fluoroscopic visibility.

Brush locking function

With the brush locking function brushing can effectively be supported by the assistant (brush is unlocked) or by the physician (brush is locked).

Bigger bristle diameter

The bristle diameter of 0.14 mm contributes to the firmness of the brush and helps to keep the brush in its shape during brushing for efficient cell collection.

BrushMaster V - Single-use cytology brush

V-System single-use cytology brush

  • Unique distal wireguided design for smoother approach of the target area
  • Dual radiopaque markers for increased control
  • New brush-locking function
BrushMaster V
  • Single use only
  • This device is packed sterile
  • This device is visible under fluoroscopic control
  • This device has a luer-lock connector or cleaning adaptor for flushing
  • This device is compatible with a 0,035" guidewire
  • This device allows for the instillation of contrast medium

Article name Article number Quantity Min. working
channel ΓΈ
Sheath design Area
BC-V600P-3010 N3625830 1 3.2 mm 1900 mm Distal wireguided For billiary and pancreatic procedures

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