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Ureteral Access Sheath

UroPass Ureteral Access Sheath

UroPass Ureteral Access Sheath

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Protecting the patient's anatomy is not just for the most challenging of stone cases. Accessing the kidney and multiple scope passes can become a challenge in what seems like even a straight forward case. The UroPass Access Sheath supports accelerated results while maintaining integrity of the anatomy.

The Solution for Ureteral Access

The patented UroPass Ureteral Access Sheath incorporates a number of innovative design features to meet this need and improve patient outcomes. With its patented dual durometer, hydrophilic coated outer sheath, and lubricious, tapered dilator, the UroPass glides easily through the urethra into the ureteral orifice to establish a superb conduit for atraumatic passage of endoscopes and retrieval devices.

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Confidence in Placement

Innovative design that offers twice secure engagement of the dilating catheter to outer acess sheath, enables safe and secure placement.

Complete Portfolio

Different diameter Options available for all access challenges to the kidney and ureter and designed for scope compatibility.

Accelerate Results

Reduce procedure time and improve stone-free rates by enabling multiple passes while protecting ureter.

Easy to use

Patented one handed snap-in locking/release mechanism quickly releases the dilator when the sheath is in position.

Dedicated for Flexible ureteroscopy

The UroPass Access Sheath platform is designed for compatiblity with Olympus flexible ureteroscopes.
UroPass Access Sheath, as scope within a scope, provides reach, safety, confidence, and design to help you deliver better outcomes.

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The Solution for Ureteral Access

Atraumatic multiple passage of instruments

  • The hydrophilic-coated outer sheath and an inner tapered dilator reduce friction, facilitate the passage of endoscopes and retrieval devices.
  • The PTFE-coated outer sheath reduces friction, facilitating easy ureteroscope passage and rapid stone management.

Prevent Kinking

  • A dual durometer, hydrophilic-coated sheath provides flexibility where needed, preventing kinks and side-wall collapse.
  • A stainless-steel, coil-reinforced sheath prevents kinking and resists side-wall collapse, even in the most difficult anatomy.
Single-use only
Sterile Packing
Contains no latex
Compatible Guidewires: ≤ 0.038″ (0.97 mm)
Model Number Dilator Size Diameter Length Pieces/Box
61024BX 6-10Fr 10/12Fr 24cm 5
61038BX 6-10Fr 10/12Fr 38cm 5
61046BX 6-10Fr 10/12Fr 46cm 5
61054BX 6-10Fr 10/12Fr 54cm 5
61124BX 6-11Fr 11/13Fr 24cm 5
61138BX 6-11Fr 11/13Fr 38cm 5
61146BX 6-11Fr 11/13Fr 46cm 5
61154BX 6-11Fr 11/13Fr 54cm 5
61224BX 6-12Fr 12/14Fr 24cm 5
61238BX 6-12Fr 12/14Fr 38cm 5
61246BX 6-12Fr 12/14Fr 46cm 5
61254BX 6-12Fr 12/14Fr 54cm 5
61324BX 6-13Fr 13/15Fr 24cm 5
61338BX 6-13Fr 13/15Fr 38cm 5
61346BX 6-13Fr 13/15Fr 46cm 5
61354BX 6-13Fr 13/15Fr 54cm 5
Flexible Video Ureteroscope URF-V2/V2R

Flexible Video Ureteroscope


  • NBI
  • Rotation
  • Extremely Slim Design
  • High Image Quality
  • Improved Handling
  • Brochure
Flexible Fiber Ureteroscope URF-P6/P6R

Flexible Fiber Ureteroscope


  • Super-Slim Design
  • Easy Access
  • Clear Visualization
  • Brochure

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