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Intelligent Power Control Unit for ENT



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CELON ELITE is a radiofrequency based power control unit that incorporates multiple functions into a single device. The intelligent tissue monitoring allows precise and safe tissue ablation for a variety of ENT indications. It can also be used to perform standard electrosurgery in the ENT office or operating room. The settings can be personalized which simplifies the everyday work routine for the ENT specialist and medical staff.

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Smart Mode Selection for Procedure-Oriented Treatment

Special RFITT Modes

  • Dedicated impedance-controlled modes for ENT procedures
  • To be used in combination with ergonomic CELON applicators

Dedicated Cutting Modes

  • To be used in combination with the ProCut accessories

Full Range of Monopolar and Bipolar Standard Modes

  • For standard procedures in the ENT office or operating room

Smart Tissue Monitoring for Safe and Efficient Procedures

Impedance Feedback and Autostop in RFITT Procedures

  • Audible and visible impedance feedback ensures full control
  • Automatic stop of energy supply when impedance threshold of tissue is reached - no overdose effects


  • Automatic coagulation when bipolar forceps touch the tissue
  • No foot-switch activation required

Fast Spark Monitor

  • Monopolar cutting with constant spark intensity in various tissues
  • More safety and control during the procedure

Smart User Interface Saves Personalized Settings and Time

User-Friendly Touch Screen

  • Intuitive and clear structured menu

Quick Memory Function

  • Individual procedure settings can be stored
  • Quick recall of saved settings (plug and play)

Treatment Analysis

  • Intensity and duration of delivered energy is displayed
  • Control and analyze option for every procedure
Classifications According to IEC 60601-1, protection against electric shock:
Medical electorical equipment Class 1
Applied parts Type CF
Protection against harmful ingress of water IPXO
Mode of operation Continuous operation with intermittent loading
According to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC IIb
Size and Weight Width 295 mm
Height 115 mm
Depth 400 mm
Volume 13,570cm3
Weight 6.61 kg
Output High-frequency functions Monopolar and bipolar
High frequency 356 KHz ± 20%
Maximum HF power 120 W
Bipolar RFITT applicator Celon ProBreath

Bipolar RFITT applicator

Celon ProBreath

  • Used in submucosal volume reduction of hyperplastic nasal concha
  • Safety control
  • Low risk of breeding
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Bipolar RFITT applicator Celon ProSleepPlus

Bipolar RFITT applicator

Celon ProSleepPlus

  • Used in the soft palate and root of the tongue
  • Safety control
  • Low risk of breeding
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Ordering Information

Power Control Unit

Order Nr. Description
WA90001A CELON ELITE "Type E", Monopolar output socket for international/Erbe plugs, (incl. double-pedal foot switch)
WA90002A CELON ELITE "Type B", Monopolar output socket for international/Bovie plugs, (incl. double-pedal foot switch)
WA95621A Power cable, EU, 4.5 m w. angled plug, (Many European countries, Type E/F)
WA95622A Power cable, US, 4.5 m w. angled plug, (USA, Canada, and other countries, Type B)
WA95623A Power cable, UK, 4.5 m w. angled plug, (United Kingdom and other countries, Type G)
WB50402W Double-pedal foot switch

RFITT Applicators

Order Nr. Description
WB990007 CelonProBreath, (5pcs/box)
WB990008 CelonProSleep plus, (5pcs/box)

ProCut Accessories

Order Nr. Description
WB990278 Celon Elite ProCut Handpiece
WB990202 CelonProCut Gripping Forceps
WB990177 CelonProCut Electrode, (5pcs/box)


Order Nr. Description
E0427213 Neutral electrode cable (reusable)

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