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PK Technology

Advanced Bipolar PK System

PK Technology

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The Advanced Bipolar PK System is an impedance-controlled, bipolar vessel sealing system allowing tissue and device tip to cool in the 'energy off' phase, minimising sticking and charring. Reliable seeling of vessels can be achieved for up to and including 7 mm vessels, depending on the instrument used.

Vesatile Technology
PK Technology offers a range of specifically-designed laparoscopic and open instruments which allow for faster operating time and increased efficiency.

Improved efficiency of procedure
Improved OR times thanks to the Advanced PK Technology and versatility of the instruments.

Immediate and reliable use
PK instruments offer reliable "Plug and Play" technology and immediate usability for efficient and simple handling.

Ergonomic designs
The specific designs of all PK instruments allow for reliable coagulation, strong grasping and fine dissection.

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HALO PKS Cutting Forceps

PK Technology including the HALO PKS Cutting Forceps is The Most Comprehensive Bipolar Energy Platform Available for LSH & TLH


  • LED
  • Rotation Wheel
  • Blue Activation Coagulation Button
  • Tip Design with Serrated Jaws
  • Cut Blade Trigger
  • Optional Latch Slide


  • Indicates the device is selected on the generator.
  • Provides finger-tip control for up to 330° of distal tip rotation.
  • Eliminates the need for a foot pedal and puts control right in the surgeon's hand.
  • For secure tissue grasping, coagulation, dissection and retraction.
  • Ergonomically positioned to provide easier access with one hand and to minimize fatigue.
  • Provides consistent grasp on tissue to reduce hand fatigue.

PKS™ Cutting Forceps

The PKS™ Cutting Forceps offers superior performance and versatility across a wide varitety of procedures. The unique five-in-one design grasps, dissects, coagulates, transects and retracts tissue all in one easy-to-use device.


  • Multi-Functional Instrument
  • Serrated jaws
  • Hollow jaw design


  • Reduces instrument exchanges, increases efficiency and reduces OR Time
  • Securely grasp tissue
  • Allows for visualization of tissue during transecting or coagulation


The First Completely
Bladeless SORD


  • Safe bipolar energy
  • Efficient bipolar energy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and economical


  • To morcellate tissue instead of sharp, spinning blades.
  • Creates fewer tissue fragments to clean up.
  • Ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue in prolonged cases.
  • Plug and play PK® Technology with the G400 Generator requires little setup for O.R. staff.
  • Only one bipolar device is required per case.


The latest advancement to the PK® Technology surgical tissue management platform offers the versatility of hemostatic coagulation and bipolar cutting to shorten procedure times and help improve patient outcomes.


  • Advanced bipolar coagulation and cutting
  • True bipolar cutting
  • Dual action jaws
  • Improved tip design
  • Outstanding versatility


  • Reduces OR time
  • Provides fast, precise tissue transection
  • Facilitate mechanical dissection
  • Allows spot coagulation and enhanced grasping capabilities.
  • For laparoscopic and open procedures

PKS SEAL™ Open Forceps

The PKS SEAL Open Forceps effectively coagulates the targeted vessel providing an even, uniform seal with enhanced hemostasis.


  • Seals vessels with confidence
  • Low profile design
  • Nonconductive outer jaw coating
  • Three tip design options


  • Effectively seals vessels up to 7mm virtually eliminating the need for sutures and staples
  • Improves access to tight working spaces
  • Protects adjacent tissue of unintended effect
  • Allows for the perfect seal in any procedure

G400 Workstation

The PK® Technology G400 Generator delivers a proprietary pulsed RF energy waveform to create a broad range of tissue effects for a multitude of surgical applications giving the surgeon optimal, precise control.


  • Powerful, instant energy delivery
  • Pulsed RF energy
  • Optimal cutting and coagulating effect over a wide variety of tissue types and conditions
  • Dual device ports
  • Compatible with the da Vinci Robot System


  • Provides complete and consistent tissue effect
  • Adjusts current delivery based on tissue resistence
  • Minimal thermal spread and sticking
  • Two instruments can be used during a case with a simple foot control to select desired device for improved OR efficiency.
  • Easy upgrade to enable connectivity

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