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Flexible Fiber Ureteroscope



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The URF-P6/P6R improve access to the kidney and patient comfort within ureteroscopy. The 7.95 Fr super-slim shaft with 4.9Fr EvolutionTip and stiff shaft help the scope to be insert into smaller ureters while it maintains the same high quality image as the conventional fiber ureteroscope. This super-slim flexible ureteroscope is ideal for laser lithotripsy.

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Super-Slim Shaft

The URF-P6 is compatible with a 9.5 Fr access sheath, which helps the scope to be insert into smaller ureters. When using a 12 Fr access sheath, the narrow design leaves plenty of room for irrigation outflow, helping to ensure that the scope moves smoothly and that stone fragments can pass easily along side the scope while maximizing renal pressure.

Stiff Shaft

Thanks to the adoption of Gyrus ACMI technology, the URF-P6's shaft is stiffer than older scopes*. The stiff shaft is designed for smooth insertion of the scope into ureter, providing easier access to the kidney. The torque stable shaft will help maximize control throughout the entire procedure.
* OES Uretero-Reno Fiberscope Olympus URF TYPE P5 etc.


The 275° up / down angulation is designed to help easier access the stones in upper, mid and lower calyces even when working with a laser fiber.

4.9 Fr EvolutionTip

The 4.9 Fr distal tip was designed with Olympus' unique EvolutionTip to help ensure smooth scope insertion and navigation even through tight anatomy.

Excellent image quality even with slimmer design

The URF-P6 maintains the same high quality image that you would expect from Olympus despite the slimmer design. The built-in moiré filter reduces distortion and provides a sharp clear picture.
The 7.95 Fr super-slim shaft is designed for better irrigation with a 10 Fr access sheath, maximizing image quality during laser lithotripsy.

Optical System Field of View 90°
Direction of View Forward Viewing
Depth of Field 2 - 50 mm
Insertion Tube Distal End Outer Diameter 4.9 Fr Evolution tip
Insertion Tube Outer Diameter 7.95 Fr (2.65 mm)
Working Length 670 mm
Instrument Channel Inner Channel Diameter 3.6 Fr (1.2 mm)
Bending Section Angulation Range Up 275° / Down 275°
Total Length   1050 mm
HD Camera Head CH-S190-08-LB

HD Camera Head


  • HDTV
  • NBI
  • Lightweight, Ergonomic
  • High Definition Image
  • Narrow Band Imaging
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Ureteral Access Sheath  UroPass Ureteral Access Sheath

Ureteral Access Sheath

UroPass Ureteral Access Sheath

  • Innovative Design for safe and secure placement
  • Availability of different diameters
  • Multiple passage and protection of ueter
Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket Ultra-Catch NT / X-Catch NT

Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket

Ultra-Catch NT / X-Catch NT

  • Atraumatic No-Tip Disc Design with Round Nitinol Wires
  • Single handed rotation with intuitive basket actuation
  • Ultra-Catch NT 4-Wire Basket / X-Catch NT 6-Wire Basket
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