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Rigid Hysteroscope

OES 4000


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This rigid hysteroscope offers a superb combination of patient comfort and image quality, with a 5 Fr working channel to allow the performance of therapeutic hysteroscopy procedures. The 4mm telescope and continuous-flow sheath ensure exceptional image quality, all in a hysteroscope with a diameter of just 6.5mm.

This rigid hysteroscope provides the optimum balance of superb image quality and patient comfort for therapeutic hysteroscopy. The powerful 4mm telescope offers brilliant image quality, an ultra-wide field of view via a scratch-proof sapphire glass front window, and perfect flow conditions via the continuous-flow sheath. The excellent optical images can be used to safely and effectively guide the performance of a range of therapeutic procedures via the generous 5 Fr working channel. The hysteroscope is durable, may be autoclaved, and is easy to set up.

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Brilliant image quality

Picture quality has been optimised with perfect flow conditions, and a powerful 4mm telescope with a high-quality imaging platform.

Maximum patient comfort

With an outer diameter of just 6.5mm, this hysteroscope allows easy and safe exploration of the uterine cavity, without compromising patient comfort.

Ideal for therapeutic hysteroscopy

A 5 Fr working channel makes this hysteroscope suitable for a range of therapeutic hysteroscopy procedures.

Maximum durability

The sheath is manufactured from fully autoclavable stainless steel, ensuring maximum durability.

Easy and fast set-up

No assembly of the sheath is necessary as the hysteroscope is a self-contained, all-in-one system.

6.5mm diameter

At just 6.5mm in diameter, this rigid hysteroscope offers you a great combination of patient comfort and image quality for safe therapeutic hysteroscopy.

5 Fr working channel

A 5 Fr working channel is incorporated in the sheath, allowing you to effortlessly perform a range of therapeutic hysteroscopy procedures.

Continuous-flow sheath

The slim, continuous-flow sheath gives you perfect flow characteristics, ensuring a brilliant image during your hysteroscopy procedures.

4mm telescope with sapphire glass front window

The powerful 4mm telescope has a scratch-resistant sapphire glass front window and an ultra-wide field of view, giving you exceptionally clear images.

Stainless steel construction

The sheath is made from stainless steel and is fully autoclavable, ensuring you get a durable product that can be used time and time again.

Outer diameter 6.5 mm
Working length 187 mm
Working Channel 5 fr.
Telescope diameter 4 mm
Telescope direction of view 12° or 30° wide angle
Locking mechanism Quick lock
Available 5 fr. instruments semiflexible Shark teeth grasping forceps
Mouse tooth grasping forceps
Biopsy forceps
Hook scissors
HD Autoclavable Camera Head CH-S190-XZ-E/Q

HD Autoclavable Camera Head


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