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Rhino-Laryngo Fiberscopes



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The ENF-GP is a complete, portable, reliable rhino-laryngo fiberscope that not only provides large and bright high-resolution images but also features enhanced illumination as a result of its improved, advanced light distribution system.

The ENF-GP is a complete, all-in-one fully-portable solution for rhino-laryngoscopy. The diagnostic rhino-laryngo fiberscope can be used either with a standard light-guide cable or with the EndoLED advanced miniature light source. The EndoLED provides enormously bright and whitish light to ensure clear visualisation of the vocal cords anywhere inside or outside the medical facility. Broad compatibility, wide field of view and flexible angulation add to the high-resolution, clear, portable and reliable diagnosis for transnasal laryngoscopy-/vocal cord-/ and pharynx procedures.

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An all-in-one portable diagnostic rhino-laryngo fiberscope for use with a standard light-guide cable or with the EndoLED miniature light source.


The high number of optical fibres, plus the EndoLED miniature light source, provide very bright images for clear visualisation of the vocal cords.


The ENF-GP is compatible with light guides for use with different kinds of stationary light sources.

Enhanced brightness for clearer diagnosis

The advanced light distribution system, with a large number of flexible fibres as well as the rechargeable EndoLED miniature light source, provides a higher level of brightness, enabling better and more flexibility of diagnosis.

Superior image size and resolution

The high number of optical fibres allows a superior image size and resolution enabling an easy, portable diagnosis.

Broad compatibility

The ENF-GP’s standard connector ensures compatibility with most common light-guide cables.

Wide field of view for observing large areas

The ENF-GP has a wide 85° field of view allowing excellent visualisation of the vocal cords. The 300 mm length makes observation of the nasal cavity/pharynx easier and enables work from a comfortable distance when observing the larynx.

130° up/down angulation for ease of insertion/diagnosis

The wide angulation range allows smooth insertion and easier maneuverability for thorough examination of the larynx and hypopharynx.

Optical System Field of view 85°
Depth of field 5 - 50 mm
Insertion Tube Distal end outer diameter 3.4 mm
Flexible tube outer diameter 3.6 mm
Working length 300 mm
Bending Section Angulation range Up 130°, Down 130°
Total Length   550 mm
LED Light Source CLL-V1

LED Light Source


  • Powerful Illumination
  • Efficient and eco-friendly
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Halogen Light Source CLH-250

Halogen Light Source


  • Powerful Illumination
  • Simplified Design
  • Excellent Cost-Effectiveness
Halogen Light Source CLH-SC

Halogen Light Source


  • Powerful Illumination
  • Space-Efficient, Compact Design
  • Excellent Cost-Effectiveness
Miniature Light Source EndoLED

Miniature Light Source


  • Flexibility without compromise in brightness and convenience
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StorobeLED Light Source CLL-S1

StorobeLED Light Source


  • Noise-free
  • Adjustable duty cycle
  • Reliable stroboscopic algorithm
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HD Autoclavable Camera Head CH-S190-XZ-E/Q

HD Autoclavable Camera Head


  • HDTV
  • NBI
  • Full HD 3CCD
  • Power Zoom
  • Power Focus
  • Brochure
HD Autoclavable Camera Head OTV-S7ProH-HD-10E

HD Autoclavable Camera Head


  • HDTV
  • NBI
  • Autoclavability
  • Narrow Band Imaging
  • One Touch Zoom
  • Brochure

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