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Flexible Video Cystoscope


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Thanks to the innovative Evolutiontip design, insertion ability and patient comfort are significantly improved. This versatile cystoscope is not only compatible with the EVIS EXERA II but also with the promising Narrow Band Imaging light filtering technology that improves visibility of capillary networks and mucosal morphology. The large working channel of 2.2 mm allows the use of all common EndoTherapy instruments. On the ergonomically-designed control section, four remote switches are built in. This allows the user to program frequently-used functions, which allows Urologists to keep their full attention on the screen. The CYF-V2 is designed for both right and left-handed physicians.

The CYF-V2A Flexible Cysto-Nephro Videoscope gives you excellent narrow-band imaging NBI and therapeutic capabilities, coupled with convenience. This scope is an essential tool for bladder or kidney examinations and procedures; from cystoscopy for bladder cancer to nephroscopy for kidney stones. Incorporating a streamlined tip for easy insertion, one-handed control suction to keep the field of view clear and a large working channel allowing use of all common EndoTherapy instruments. NBI technology further improves visibility of capillary networks and mucosal morphology for improved detection of flat lesions and CIS.

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NBI - Best diagnosis capabilities

The simultaneous multicolour CCD chip creates a large, bright, consistent image. NBI improves visibility of capillary networks and mucosal morphology to identify suspicious areas better and improve the detection of flat lesions and CIS.

Improved patient comfort

The unique Evolutiontip allows smooth insertion, improving the patients comfort without sacrificing image quality or treatment capabilities.

Easy handling - angulations matching the anatomy

Short rigid part for easy handling. 120° field of view for observing both ostium ureteris simultaneously. 210° up/120° down angulation for smooth orientation.

Smooth insertion with streamlined tip design

The new Cysto-Nephro Videoscope features an exclusive streamlined tip, called the Evolutiontip. The streamlined, bullet-shaped design enables ease of insertion with improved patient comfort.

High-quality videoscope imaging

Advanced video imaging capability ensures outstanding observation capability with clear, vivid reproduction of internal tissues' structures with NBI light filtering technology.

Suction function available with the CYF-V2A

An innovative perfusion system in combination with the one-handed control suction function helps keep the field of view clear throughout the procedure.

Large working channel

The large working channel of 2.2mm allows you to use a wide range of highly versatile instruments during cystoscopy. Electrosurgical treatments such as hemostasis and hot biopsies can also be performed.

Enhanced operability

With ergonomic grip and four convenient remote control switches, the control section is comfortable to hold and has a natural grip, thereby reducing operator fatigue during lengthy procedures.

Can be used for examination / treatment in the kidney

This scope is suitable for use as a cystoscope for bladder examinations and also as a nephroscope for kidney examinations and procedures.

Optical System Field of view 120°
Direction of view 0° (Forward)
Depth of field 3 ~ 50 mm
Insertion Tube Distal End Outer Diameter 12.9 Fr. (ø4.8mm)
Insertion Tube Outer Diameter 16.2 Fr. (ø5.4mm)
Working Length 380 mm
Instrument Channel Inner Channel Diameter 6.6 Fr. (ø2.2mm)
Bending Section Angulation Range Up 210° / Down 120°
Total Length   650 mm
Optera Video Processor with Built-in LED Light Source CV-170

Optera Video Processor with Built-in LED Light Source


  • HDTV
  • NBI
  • LED
  • HDTV image quality and NBI
  • Long-life LED light source
  • Pre-freeze function
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