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EVIS EXERAIII Video Colonoscope


  • HDTV
  • NBI
  • 170° Wide-angle
  • Unique Responsive Insertion Technology
  • One-touch Connector

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As the first slim colonoscope compatible with ScopeGuide, the PCF-H190D is perfect colonoscope for difficult insertions providing a real-time view of the scope and maximized maneuverability with Responsive Insertion Technology.

Coupled with HDTV, NBI and a water jet, this slim scope never compromises on visualization.

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The first slim colonoscope with ScopeGuide

Compatibility with ScopeGuide makes this slim colonoscope perfect for difficult insertions due to real-time 3D visualization of the scope’s position.

Outstanding, true-to-life HD image quality

EVIS EXERA III endoscopes offer true-to-life HD endoscopic images of breath-taking clarity, delivering the optimum support for accurate diagnosis.

New wider field of view

For the first time, the PCF-H190D combines 170° field of view with a thin outer diameter, making the PCF-H190D an ideal tool for diagnosis and screening.

Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging

Narrow Band Imaging now delivers significantly increased brightness and contrast. Previously widely accepted as a tool for characterisation, the improved brightness may open new possibilities for lesion detection.

Smoother and more comfortable insertion

Responsive Insertion Technology (RIT) is a host of proprietary insertion tube technologies helping you to further increase caecal intubation rates.
The technology is designed to facilitate complete colonoscopies by improving scope handling, insertibility and ergonomics.

Optical System Field of view 170°
Direction of view Forward viewing
Depth of field 2-100 mm
Insertion Section Distal end outer diameter 11.7 mm
Distal end enlarged
Insertion tube outer diameter 11.8 mm
Working length L: 1680 mm   I: 1330 mm
Instrument Channel Channel inner diameter 3.2 mm
Minimum visible distance 3.0 mm from the distal end
Direction from which endotherapy accessories enter and exit the endoscopic image
Water Jet  
Bending Section Angulation range Up 180° / Down 180° / Right 160° / Left 160°
Total Length   L: 2005 mm   I: 1655 mm
Compatible EVIS EXERA System Video System Center OLYMPUS CV-190
Xenon Light Source OLYMPUS CLV-190
Position Detecting Unit Compatible with
UPD-3 (Endoscope Position Detecting Unit)
EVIS EXERA III Video Processor CV-190

EVIS EXERA III Video Processor


  • HDTV
  • NBI
  • Ground-breaking resolving power for efficient diagnosis
  • Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging
  • Outstanding, true-to-life image quality
  • Brochure
EVIS EXERA III Xenon Light Source CLV-190

EVIS EXERA III Xenon Light Source


  • NBI
  • One-touch Connector
  • Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Brochure

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