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More than a capsule.
A comprehensive system for capsule endoscopy.



Higher image quality for accurate diagnosis



Intelligent functions for shorter reading time


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ENDOCAPSULE 10 SYSTEM reflects our vast experience in opto-digital technology for endoscopes. This small-intestine endoscope system produces extremely high-quality images for fast, efficient and precise examinations that you can trust - the ideal solution for medical institutions looking to expand diagnostic capabilities in this critical field.

OLYMPUS endoscopic imaging technology makes diagnosis easier than ever thanks to high-quality images along with excellent usability and efficiency, all of which are hallmarks of our continually evolving advancements in the field of endoscopy.

ENDOCAPSULE 10 SYSTEM. More than a capsule. A comprehensive system you can trust.

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As the undisputed leader in the field of endoscopy, OLYMPUS is renowned for exceptionally high-quality images. This translates into easier analysis for more reliable and consistent diagnosis than before. You’ll also appreciate the expanded angle of view, which makes it less likely to miss abnormalities.

High-quality images

Advanced OLYMPUS optical technology delivers high-quality images that reveal individual villi with superb clarity. Noise has been markedly reduced along with halation, optimizing brightness levels for detailed observation of small-intestine mucosa and identification of abnormalities. The clear visual information facilitates highly accurate diagnosis.

Wide angle of view

Another advancement made possible by renowned OLYMPUS optical technology is the expanded angle of view: 160° as opposed to 145° on the previous model. This wider coverage offers a significantly enhanced field of observation for refined examinations.

Longer observation time

Battery life has been extended from eight hours to twelve hours to considerably increase the ratio of completed small-intestine observations. The long observation time maximizes the detection rate of lesions for more reliable diagnosis.

Image adjustment function

Eight user-selectable sharpness settings let you optimize image enhancement in order to observe tiny mucosal architecture clearly. You can also adjust color tone (red/blue) and brightness levels for more comfortable viewing in the color of your choice.

ENDOCAPSULE 10 SYSTEM software facilitates reading with a variety of unique functions to detect images requiring closer inspection, providing the means for quick review of results to ultimately speed diagnosis.

Adjust mode

Change playback speed depending on differences in images. In Adjust mode, images showing no change are superimposed on each other, and review speed is optimized to move quickly past images indicating no characteristic differences compared to preceding images. This mode vastly reduces playback time to increase reading effectiveness.

Express-selected mode

Detect and playback only images showing a certain amount of change with Express-selected mode, which also automatically detects and removes images showing areas covered with bubbles or debris. Concentrating on characteristic images effectively reduces total reading time. In addition, Express-skipped mode allows you to check the removed images, minimizing the risk of missing any areas of the examination.

3D Track function

Track the capsule as it moves through the small intestine with the 3D Track function. A high-precision antenna recognizes the detailed signals from the capsule, allowing the system to display the capsule track in 3D. The track progress bar is useful for estimating capsule location in the small intestine. It also indicates on the 3D tracking screen where each thumbnail image was captured in order to assess the locations of abnormalities. The 3D Track function operates intuitively, showing capsule location to help you decide what approach should be taken for subsequent procedures.

Overview function

This function displays a library of characteristic images. The new Adjacent image display and Enlarging image functions provide a quick way for further observation without having to switch to Playback view mode. In addition, the new Red color overview function gives you a quick overview only of images showing an excessive amount of red.

Bubble and debris image detection algorithm

Bubbles and debris can sometimes adhere to the capsule and degrade image quality. ENDOCAPSULE 10 SYSTEM automatically detects poor-quality images and displays only those that can be accurately read. This algorithm also enhances the performance of Adjust mode, Express-selected mode and the Overview function.

Considering the needs of medical personnel and patients, ENDOCAPSULE 10 SYSTEM is designed for optimal clinical performance as well as outstanding ease-of-use and mobility. The all-in-one recorder and belt-style antenna simplify procedures, making for a smooth and relaxed examination environment.

Smart recorder

The recorder combines a receiver and viewer in a compact and easy-to-handle unit, allowing you to playback and capture images any time during the procedure. The recorder is rechargeable, and comes with a charging cradle. Just place the unit in the cradle to recharge.

Belt-style antenna unit

Preparation times are markedly reduced thanks to the slim, lightweight antenna unit, which is incorporated in the belt harness. The unit can be worn over light clothing, and offers more sensitive detection capability compared to the previous model while enhancing patient comfort.

Real-time view/Capture

Confirm capsule location during the entire procedure from images displayed in real-time. Monitoring the capsule's progress in real-time lets you uncover any anomalies, such as bleeding, and take immediate action if needed.


Check images of the small intestine as the capsule passes through it. Images of interest can be captured then downloaded to a workstation for further review.

Captured images screen

Up to 15 captured images can be displayed as thumbnails, making it easy to quickly find suspected anomalies and further speeding observation procedures.

Patient guidance function

Personalized instructions for each patient can be displayed by registering data. Instructions are delivered as text messages preceded by beep and vibration alerts. The messages direct patient activity, such as eating, drinking water and returning to the hospital. Making it easy for patients to follow correct procedures helps you conduct safer, more accurate examinations.

The workstation of ENDOCAPSULE 10 SYSTEM integrates easily into existing hospital information systems for fast and easy data sharing. All examination data for patients - including results from ENDOCAPSULE - can be managed centrally, making collaboration inside the facility easier.

Note: Network functionality is optional and not supported in some regions. Network performance may vary depending on the network environment.

For added convenience, ENDOCAPSULE SOFTWARE 10 LIGHT gives you the ability to continue post-examination procedures even without direct access to the hospital network.


5 pieces


Optics Field of view 160 degrees
Depth of field 0-20 mm
Sampling Rate   2 fps
Battery Life   12 hours
Size Weight 3.3 g
Dimensions Ø11 mm (diameter) × 26 mm (length)
Note: EC-S10 is not sold as single product but as MAJ-2027


2. BATTERY PACK: MAJ-203 1 piece
3. ANTENNA UNIT: MAJ-2031 1 piece
4. CRADLE: MAJ-2032 1 piece
5. RECORDER HOLDER: MAJ-203 1 piece
6. ANTENNA UNIT HOLDER: MAJ-2034 1 piece
7. CAPSULE ACTIVATOR: MAJ-1478 1 piece

*ENDOCAPSULE 10 SYSTEM will be available in March 2014

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