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Thinner Diameter Makes Insertion Easier While Excellent Mobility Is Assured

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Thinner Ø3.1 mm diameter while retaining high image quality

This slim new scope features an outer diameter of just Ø3.1mm - thinner than the conventional model, yet without giving up any of the bright image with minimal moiré that made its predecessor, the ENF-GP, so popular. The slimmer design minimizes patient impact and discomfort during fiberscope insertion, while also making the procedure easier for the operator.

Cable-free mobility

The light guide and miniature light source can be exchanged with one-touch operation as required.
This makes it possible to benefit from both the high image quality made possible by the high-intensity light source and the improved handling and mobility made possible by the miniature light source.

Rechargeable LED miniature light source WA91502A

This light source employs an LED lamp to produce a brighter field of view than the previous miniature halogen light source. The service life of the lamp is about 100,000 hours, which is much longer than the halogen lamp, so running costs can be reduced.

Low Temperature Sterilization Compatibility

In addition to the conventional sterilization, low temperature sterilization is now available. This facilitates faster sterilization and also simplifies reprocessing.

Compatible methods:
* STERIS V-PRO maX (Flexible cycle, Non Lumen cycle)*1
* ASP STERRAD NX (Advanced cycle, Standard cycle)*2
* ASP STERRAD 100NX (Duo cycle)*2
* ASP STERRAD 100S (Long cycle, Short cycle)*2

*1 STERIS Corporation validates the microbiological efficacy of Olympus products in sterility. As for the microbiological efficacy, contact STERIS Corporation. Also, refer to the "V-PRO maX Low Temperature Sterilization System" instruction manual.
*2 ASP (Advanced Sterilization Products), a Division of Cilag GmbH International, a Johnson & Johnson company, validates the microbiological efficacy of Olympus products in sterility. As for the microbiological efficacy, contact ASP. Also, refer to the "STERRAD 100S/NX/100NX System" instruction manual.

Improved resistance to disinfectant solutions

Newly redesigned and incorporating more durable materials, the control section is now more resistant to peracetic acid solutions than conventional model.

Optical system Field of view 85°
Depth of field 5 - 50 mm
Insertion tube Distal end outer diameter 3.1 mm
Insertion tube outer diameter 3.5 mm
Insertion section working length 300 mm
Bending section Angulation range Up 130°/Down 130°
Total length 550 mm
Miniature Light Source EndoLED

Miniature Light Source


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